Prayer Requests

Please, support me in prayers for an urgent, difficult intention: For my complete reconciliation with my loved one, ex fiance NEBOJSA That Nebojsa DOES NOT GET INVOLVED INTO ANY NEW RELATIONSHIP, but that THAT HE BE DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH ME AND start CALLING ME, APOLOGIZE, that God with His QUICKENING SPIRIT work out peace between us, LEAD OUR FURTHER COMMUNICATION AND GIVE US WISDOM IN BEHAVIOUR TO EACH OTHER, COMPLETE RECONCILIATION and NEW BEGINNING! THAT GOD DESTROY ALL DEVILS AND WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST OUR RELATIONSHIP IN THE NAME OF JESUS ACCORDING TO HIS WILL, protect our love and future (that our relationship be stronger and successful one) and bring us to marriage as soon as possible! God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL! I am sure when your prayers join mine will surely receive a miracle. I am praying with Faith and please help me in this. Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it. Katarina

Katarina Djordjevic – Jun 26 2018

Hi Pastor! Typing from hospital room – isn’t technology wonderful!! Watched you preach. Please keep family in church prayers. See you soon -} Stuart
stuart crutchfield – Jun 26 2018
Can you, please, fervently pray For URGENT DIVINE INTERVENTION FOR COMPLETE RECONCILIATION with my loved one SHULE That we MEET and TALK, THAT GOD FORM LINES OF GOOD COMMUNICATION BETWEEN US, KEEP US IN HIS CARE and HELP US TO WORK OUT ALL PROBLEM That SHULE DOES NOT GET INVOLVED INTO ANY NEW RELATIONSHIP, but THAT WE START AGAIN, continue OUR WAY TOGETHER and officially get married! God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL! I am sure when your prayers join mine will surely receive a miracle. I am praying with Faith and please help me in this. Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it. Kaca
Katarina Djordjevic – Jun 26 2018
Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Fabien, i live in ^paris france, i would like to ask pray for me and my massage business in Paris please, for the Lord to send lots of nice customers please. And for the massage therapists Elinor(catholic), Claudia(Jehovah’s witness), Camilla and Erika and the other workers to be blessed and accept the truth please, and for my spiritual life, and to find a partner, thank you Fabien
fabien chanoz – Jun 26 2018
I have four sns that are in public school and they are having a very hard time failing and getting in trouble, my pray is that the holy spirit would impress the heart of some one to help them to a christian education, my sons are 16, 14, 13, and 7 please i am a single mother trying to do what God has asked me to do I’m no longer woring and only by the grace of God that i make it day by day thank you for reading this
odette Bacchus – Jun 26 2018
Pray GOD will Bless and answer the Prayers of everyone who has Prayed or will Pray for my Prayer Request In JESUS Name… Please Pray this Prayer as the HOLY SPIRIT leads or Pray over the parts of this Prayer you agree with….Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes In JESUS Name…Pray GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now In JESUS Name…Pray GOD raises me a mile above Satan and those used by Satan to glorify GOD In JESUS Name…Pray GOD Blesses me financially now and always In JESUS Name…Pray GOD heals my body completely In JESUS Name.Pray GOD brings me my soulmate if its meant for me to be married,if its not meant for me to be married Pray GOD takes away all desires to be with any woman In JESUS Name ……………Please give this Prayer Request to your Prayer Warriors,church staff or do whatever you want with this prayer request…Pray if there is any demons blocking blocking this Prayer Request,Pray GOD will remove them from blocking this Prayer Request..Thank You very much …Phil from California USA. This Email has been sent out all over the world to over a 100,000 people,and will continue to be sent to Ministers,Churches and Christians until the Prayer is answered. Genesis 32:24 So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. 25 When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. 26 Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” Pray GOD will Bless and answer the Prayers of everyone who has Prayed or will Pray for my Prayer Request In JESUS Name…
Phil – Jun 26 2018
Pastor Labrador.I doubt you remember me,but my family has never forgotten you and the impact wou made on our lives,You baptized my daughter Jennifer in the Bellveiw Florida church.We have not been able to get to church very often and when we can the ones we,ve visited just were not right, somehow-Gainesville we tried numerous times,and went to a couple of others.We live so far from Bellveiw.I don’t know why GOD has led me to contact you.He has been nudging me for years now and so here I am.We have had much difficulty over the years,my daughter continues in a 9 year destructive relationship with 4 children.My son struggles with a IV drug addiction.He was here with me for 3 years after a bad car accident and has just went back to take care of legal matters.I have some major health issues and lost my job of 5 years last month and will now be homeless.There’s so much more.I’m sure you can read between the lines.We lost our way along time ago and while I pray,I can’t seem to find comfort,when I do get to church,somethings not right.I can’t really explain it.Although it may not appear so,I do have a strong faith and know how very much blessed we are.There is so much worse suffering out there.I ask you to please pray for us,not just for our situation,but for my son Tim,daughter Jennifer and my grandchildren,My soon to be 16 yr old grandaughter doessn’t know the lord,she occ reads her bible,and says that she prays,but doesn’t feel that God hears her.I am so scared for them all and accept my failure.God forgives me and has answered many of my prayers.Even though his hand is covering my family,I don;t know what he would have me do.I know that you are a busy man,and have many important mayyers to attend to.Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance for your prayers,My best to you and your family. Susan Mcknight
Susan Mcknight – Jun 26 2018
Respected Sir, I have one son of two year age he was born premature, but now he is not able to stand, walk independently & not taking interest properly. We are very much worried about the health of my son. Please pray for my son (Samarth) that he can live his life normally, our life becomes normal.
amit murari – Jun 26 2018
please pray for myself and my husband for our jobs to be blessed and protected during these very hard and trying times. please also pray for my daughter to get financial help to go to college.
Mindy – Jun 26 2018
Thanking God for His glorious mercies upon me, i returned from a visa interview and awaiting results. Hope that God will see me through successfully.
Benjamin Nimo – Jun 26 2018
Please, pray: That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! THAT HE WILL BE VERY MUCH INVOLVED IN MY LIFE AND ME IN HIS! For GOING DEEPER IN KNOWING EACH OTHER! That WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME TOGETHER! That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives! Thank you for all your prayers Praying for you Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia
Katarina Djordjevic – Jun 26 2018
To thank God for His protection and care.To expand my ministry with signs and wonders.Again to help my son to obtain a scholarship to pursue his Masters program in Economics and Mathematics abroad.Furthermore that God protects and shower His blessings over me and my family.
Aning Dacosta – Jun 26 2018
My Husband and I have belonged to a non-denominational church for years now. The Holy Spirit is convicting us about the TRUTH of the Sabbath being the seven day of the week. We need all your prayers. We need you to please pray for direction, for connections, for strength, for more conviction 🙂 We are in Greenville SC, and Pastor Morris in Florida (Forest lake Church) have recommended my Husband to visit Pastor Labrador. We are planning to go this Sabbath and visit. I pray with all my heart that Pastor Labrador will be there!! I love you all in Christ, Maria-Cristina
Maria Bailey – Jun 26 2018
Pray for my the fight against false doctrine in deception ,that not trust in blood of Jesus ,but own victrim are more import ,let the Lord seize that wrong faith,in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
keijo leppioja – Jun 26 2018
Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years…Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life… Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD.Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again…In JESUS Name Amen…Thanks for your Prayers…
Phil – Jun 26 2018
I was a backslid christian with an alcohol problem and got right with God while in jail the last 57 days. My wife of 27 years has left me and wants a divorce. We are both saved. I am praying that God will miraculously change her heart and she will want to come back to me. I am heartbroken. I want so much for us to have a loving christian home again. Thank you for your earnest prayers!
Larry Garrett – Jun 26 2018
Healing of being entirely.Body ills sinus allergies arthuritis.Soul cleansing from sin. Blessings! Melissa L.Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez – Jun 26 2018